Low & Slow 101 & Barbeques Galore Kawana Waters Intermediate Masterclass

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After holding quite a few beginners masterclasses around the country, Pitmaster Steve has decided it's time to show you some of the finer techniques, stepping up from the 'zero to hero' masterclasses held previously, for the first time, in conjunction with BARBEQUES GALORE KAWANA WATERS. To be held at YOUR MATES BREWING CO. - Kawana. 

Your host, Steve Hellyer is a long time Pitmaster, having learnt the art of smoking meat long before the 'craze' hit Australia and amongst one of the pioneers of the Australian Low & Slow BBQ movement, also creating and running one of the countries largest online Low & Slow communities. After being mentored by Australian based native Texans, Steve moved on from cooking recreationally to begin running his own very successful BBQ catering business and food truck, earning himself many accolades for his slow smoked meats. 

Having cooked for quite literally tens of thousands over 5 years at both small and some of the largest festivals in the country, Steve decided a quieter life was for him so he retired the truck and retired the commercial smoker in lieu of cooking recreationally. Steve now loves passing on the many, many years of smoking experience he holds to keen enthusiasts. You will find Steve knowledgable in all aspects of smoking tender, succulent meats. 

Tickets are $132.96 including the booking fee. 

The HARDCORE BBQer ticket allows the attendee to stay the night with Steve and his team to learn the finer points of BBQ, including all prep and fire control. You are welcome to return home to sleep should you feel the need to also. This ticket includes entry to the next days class also.  

The ULTIMATE Low & Slow experience! Valued at well over $220, you will be pampered as a VIP at the class, sit up front and beside the action, receive an overnight ticket, light refreshments throughout the day, an exclusive event T-Shirt along with a 4 pack of our Low & Slow 101 rubs! 

Here is just a short taste of what is included in our Low & Slow BBQ'ers 101 INTERMEDIATE class. 

The first of our classes were well and truly designed to cater for the beginner, having just purchased that all important smoker and you're keen as mustard to get a start with it but just dont know where to. This class is designed to move you on from that first class and show you some more advanced techniques. You'll be sure to impress from the get-go after having taken this course! It is confirmed that our good friends at Two Butchers will be also holding a mini class on meats and the best cuts for BBQ. Additionaly, Nic from Woodchuck Smokers will be attending to discuss all things offset smokers. You will also receive a copy of our Pitmaster notes afterwards which includes all cook notes along with some recipes and your temps and times to help with future cooks. 

The class will be covering a range of beginner and intermediate type meats to give you that perfect, melt in your mouth result, every time for both friends and family alike. 

The course covers detailed instruction on:

  • Beef Short Ribs
  • Pulled Pork
  • Pork Ribs
  • Reverse Seared Rib Eye 
  • Sausage making
  • Rubs & Sauces

Throughout the day you'll also be treated to succulent chicken wings and extraordinary smoked links, our pitmasters special candied bacon Mac & Cheese and of course the massive meat platter at the end, complete with the king of smoked meats, THE BRISKET! 

Our talented pitmaster will not only share the basics and fundamentals of how to slow smoke your chosen cut to perfection, but also run through the fundamentals of most types of smoker BBQ's.  

Dave Ashwin from Barbeques Galore Kawana Waters will also be on hand to guide you through the finer details of the Low & Slow equipment available. 

During the class you will be able to snack on what's being cooked and at the end of the class you will be able to sink your teeth into an enourmous smoked meat platter, cooked by our multi award winning pitmaster, Steve Hellyer, former owner and long time pitmaster of Bella BBQ. 

The course is priced to be affordable for the 'average joe (or jill)' and affordable enough for you to bring a mate along too! 

Ticket numbers for the class are strictly limited and payment is required to secure your spot. Class fee includes first drink on arrival only. 

For more information, head on over to our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/lowslow101/