Having begun his barbecue career somewhere around 2009, Pitmaster Steve was fascinated in the art of low and slow BBQ, yet to be discovered and taken into mainstream in Australia. 

Spending 12 months alone creating flavour profiles for his low and slow fare, many hundreds of hours were poured into creating profiles that would please the masses. Shortly after this, Steve began his venture into commercial BBQ having purchased, at that time, one of the largest pits in the country 'Daisy' A custom built offset smoker within a catering trailer. 

Many years were spent cooking, day and night, for many thousands of happy customers on Daisy until demand outstripped our ability to supply. Steve then sought an old caravan from a paddock, west of his home town to which he spent 6 months working on, in what little spare time there was between shifts. A Yoder YS1500 commercial smoker was installed in the caravan and was run 20hrs a day for the entirety of its commercial life in the van. Some of the largest events in South East Qld were undertaken in this caravan with Steve amounting a swag of awards for his commercial cooking. 

Fast forward a few years and we then have Steve moving on to a full commercial mobile setup in the form of a converted school bus. The ability to output up to half a tonne of perfectly smoked meats a week was now within reach. Once again, Steve moved forwards to serve literally tens of thousands from within the bus, cooking brisket, pulled pork, buffalo wings, loaded fries and award winning burgers using low and slow cuts of meat. 

Steve has shown over the last 10 years impeccable dedication to low and slow barbecue in Australia, having been within the industry from the onset, creating one of the larges barbecue forums in Australia and also being responsible for introducing hundreds of newcomers to low and slow barbecue. 

Moving forwards, Steve has decided to now pursue a career in sharing his passion with many in the form of masterclasses. Additionally, he has decided to finally release the rubs and sauces that many tens of thousands have enjoyed over the years (if you haven't tried any of these, you absolutely don't know what you're missing out on)